GGA Image ID # 129a1313a8. Oil Painting, Black Ball Packet Ship Isaac Webb. This letter was written at Liverpool by David S. Shear-rtnn, carrrander Of the packet Great Western a sailing ship of the Black Ball Line two days before her It is datelined 8 1st 1851 (August I, 1851). The packet ship was the predecessor of the twentieth-century ocean liner. One of the first took place in 1837, New York to Liverpool, between the Black Baller Columbus and the Dramatic Line's Sheridan.A pot of $10,000 awaited the winner. Operating out of New York, the Black Ball Line pioneered scheduled packet ship service to Liverpool, England in 1818, and the firm continued operating until it was dissolved in 1879. Steamship Ticket for Passage of Mr. Nicholas Fish on the Packet Ship Yorkshire, 1859 . Thus, for about twenty years, two 'Black Ball lines' under separate ownership were operating in direct competition on the transatlantic packet trade. Black Ball Line (trans-Atlantic packet), a fleet of packet ships running between Liverpool and New York, the first scheduled trans-Atlantic service, founded in 1817 The Black Ball Line pioneered scheduled packet service on the Atlantic Ocean in 1818. The Black Ball Line of three ships was established in April 1817, with the ships originally intended to sail in succession, though not, like the later packets, on a fixed schedule. The ship relied solely on the wind well into the age of steam, carrying passengers until 1879. It is possible that Antonio Jacobsen saw her for she ran for C.H. Packet Great Wes Ern, Black Ball Line August 1, 1851. On May 20, 1851, the line’s new ship Isaac Webb arrived in New York with 760 steerage passengers and some cabin passengers. London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Havre, Hamburg, Bremen and Southampton Office, 146 Liberty Street, New York As the packet trade matured, races across the Atlantic between competing lines sprung up, sometimes encouraging some serious wagering. Passage Ticket, Black Ball Line, 16 March 1859 on the Packet Ship "Yorkshire" - Nicholas Fish, New York to Bremen. In … The Black Ball had eight ships to his four, offering two monthly sailings to his one; but some of the Black Bailers were getting on in years and slow, and the Dramatic Line finished its second year with the best average-passage record for the Liverpool packets. The first packet company, the Black Ball Line, began operations in 1818, with four ships offering a monthly service between New York and Liverpool. The first packet line was founded in 1817 by a group of Quakers from New York and was called the Black Ball Line. A sailor would arrive in America within four weeks of leaving England, and the return trip … Their idea was to accommodate passengers by … The Black Ballers were fast packet ships of the American Black Ball Line that sailed between New York and Liverpool in the second half of the nineteenth century. Marshall and Company, by then the owners and operators of New York's famous Black Ball packet line, by William H. Webb, New York's premier ship builder. Packet ships sailed between American and European ports on regular schedules. Leaving New York on 2 February, Columbus handily won … Built in 1854 for C.H.